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Breetai Shipping update

As most of you know we received the figures into our US warehouse on July 19. Sadly, during shipping all the figures suffer damage. we decided not to ship any figures as we want to send you quality toys. We are working with the insurance agency to sort this damage and also we are trying to schedule a new production run. We apology for any inconvenience this caused and for the delays.

we will keep you all posted.

12-5-2019 UPDATE: Thank you for your patience. I received and email from the factory this morning and they finished painting. they are going through final QC. I am arranging air shipping. Hopefully they can ship on Monday and we would have them state side 6-7 days after shipping.

It has been a long painful road. dealing with insurance and getting more funds to make the second production batch. I am so sorry I had to make you wait so long.

12-13-2019 UPDATE: The factory shipped the new batch to me. I will post an update when I get them.

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