1/100 scale Zentraedi Commander Breetai


3D printable Flight Stand

1/40,000 scale Nupetiet Vergnitzs

Out of Stock

1/48 scale Invid Scout

Out of Stock


- I have updated the quantities in our web-shop. Because of all this delays and costs we managed to make a limited quantity of the figures. we just have under 1500 and we don't have plans to make any more, so it will become a short run limited time figure.

- My day job is moving out of our current location so I might be sporadically out of reach for two weeks. Don't worry tho, I will do my best to fulfill any orders and problems. Also I will working to issuing the refunds new week, now that the figure have been shipped and dust is settling.

- thank you for your support projects like this would not happen with out you guys, the fans.

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