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16" Voltron Galaxy defender Shield attachment ver.2

**********************THIS ATTACHMENT IS FOR THE BIG 16inch HASBRO VOLTRON*************************************************


3d printed attachment to form Voltron's shield with the black Lion's wings. This is the rough printed product. As you can see from the image, it has that raw, bumpy, 3D printed texture, but you can sand and paint it to get it the glossy look if you prefer. This is the gray printed piece (see pictures).


There is 4 variants:


- Gray: Gray shield piece only, it comes in two pieces: handle and adapter piece.


- With blue Aura: has same pieces as gray with the extra blue aura.


- Sword: 3d printed replica of the Sword


- Complete Package: includes swors, shield attachement, blue aura


Here is a video showing how to put it together:

16" Voltron Galaxy defender Shield attachment ver.2

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