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A note from the owner:

I am an engineer with 14 years of

experience in mechanical design,

fabrication, 3d modeling, and 3d

printing. I grew up in one of the

highest cities in the world La Paz,

Bolivia, obsessed with Robotech. This series impacted my life in ways I couldn't predict—because of it I became an engineer to figure out how to make transformable planes a reality. These mechas fascinated and puzzled me; the mechanics, the construction, and the manufacturing of such a mechanism. Since then, I started collecting transformable toys, always amazed by the ingenuity of the construction and movement. I took them apart and put them back together. I wanted to make these toys. Fast forward 30 years, I am pursuing my dream,  although in a small scale. I'm still waiting for the day when airplanes can transform into giant robot mecha.

MEPTOYS is the toy division of my Freelance engineering company, Meiccoms Engineering & Prototyping. With this venture I hope to bring attention to a few sometimes neglected 80's and 90's Saturday morning cartoons through action figures.

The Team

This figures would not be a reality if it wasn't for the help and work of great people and fans

Jeremy Christensen - USA



Chuck DeKett - USA

Chuck has been working in print, branding, and graphic design since 1994. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in advanced digital and graphic design. 

He has been providing branding/graphic design services on a freelance basis to local businesses and non-profit organizations over 15 years. 

He also offers project and production management services to help guarantee his clients receive high a quality product that exceeds their expectations, within their budget, in the timeframe they need it.


Check out more of his work here


Julian Cabada - Argentina


Julian has amazing talent and has more than 10 years of experience with 3d modeling and design. He is very skilled with D Max and ZBrush. He has been working to make the Saber Rider Figures a reality


Check out more of his work here


Konstantin - Ukraine



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