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Oversized Invid Project

Tentative release March 2022

The Pre-Orders for this project will be open for two 

months until July 28, 2021.

Material: ABS, POM and eco friendly PVC

Size: 167 to 209mm depending on backer interest

The size is dependent on how many backers we have:

at least 200 backers for the 167mm size, 800 backers

for 200mm.


200 Backer Threshold

 - Invid size 167mm

 - Articulated Figure

 - No cockpit

 - Numbered exclusive packaging


400 Backer Threshold

 - Same as above

 - Includes static Invid driver standing pose

 - Inlcudes static Invid driver sitting pose

 - Cockpit for Invid driver


800 Backer Threshold

 - Increase trooper size to 209mm

 - same features than 400 threshold but scaled to the new size


1000 Backer Threshold

 -Same unlocks as the 800 Threshold

 - 4" articulated Invid Driver



** Colors and final product may vary and is dependent of Licensor approval.

*** Price is subjected to change, we are trying to keep all of our figures affordable however due to outside factors we might have to increase the price.











Why should we back this project?

The purpose of the project is to produce the biggest Invid Shock trooper we can get. Although our main product for this run is the 1/48 scale, we received a lot of feedback asking for a bigger trooper. The ideal would be to produce the 209mm Invid Shock trooper that could work alongside any 4 inch figure, but the cost of tooling for it is triple the 1/48 version. The halfway size between the 1/48 scale (which is about 102mm) and the large 209mm size would be a 176mm Shock trooper. Here is where the backers come into play. If we can get 200 backers, we could make the larger, medium size 176mm shock trooper. If we pass the 800 backers, we can fund the tooling for the 209mm shock trooper, which is at scale with 4” matchbox figures. None of this will affect the run of the 1/48 scale trooper, however, which will be produced regardless.


Is this a 3d printed kit, or a toy?

All the INVID products in this project will be fully articulated and painted toys.


Will the Shock trooper eye be painted?

Yes! There have been several pictures through several different stages of development which show the Shock trooper without a painted eye, but rest assured the final product will have a red eye.


Will the oversized shock trooper have the same packaging as the 1/48 Shock Trooper?

No, The oversized version will have different packaging and artwork.

How long will the pre-order run?

The pre-order for the Oversize trooper will be open until July 28, 2021 10PM MST. At that time, we will either move forward with the project at the level it reached or issue a full refund to the backers. A surprise "thank you" item will be sent to the backers if we don't proceed with the project.

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